The inspiration in the design process of our fabrics

What is the basis of your inspiration in the design process of your fabrics?

Anatolia has a very old history and culture that dates back to the Paleolithic Period. This multicolored and ancient culture has had an impact on art, textiles and fashion as well as in many other phases of life. It is possible to see this richness on the fabrics produced in the Anatolian region for years.

Hakan Başabak Co-Founder

What we want to do is to blend our fabrics which were created with this rich culture and carry the effects of history, with today’s fashion understanding and technology, to present them to our customers all over the world, and to meet them.

What do you think are the most important features that distinguish your products from other brands’ products?
I think the most important of our product features is that we give more importance to the use of natural fibers or produce fabrics that imitate nature with polyester yarn. For this reason, we receive very good feedback from our customers, especially in the European and American markets. The diversity in our collection is one of our biggest pluses, and we guarantee quality and speed to each of our customers as well as this diversity. In addition, unlike other companies that provide service to our customers, we minimize two biggest problems of our customers; inventory cost and the cost of hangers, and offer different solutions to these problems.

What do you do to protect your customer portfolio who own your products, which have a wide customer network in Europe?
Besides quality and speed, we promise our customers to keep our collection up to date and add at least 30 new patterns every year. We support half of the price of the hangers for each new product they add to their collections. In this case, of course our customers can move more freely and develop their collections more easily. At the same time, we guarantee exclusivity for the pattern that our customers choose for their country market. In other words, when you add an elenor pattern to your collection, you will know that the service of that pattern is only given to you in your country.

How do you interpret the point that home textile has reached in Turkey?
Besides being a very important home textile supplier country, Turkey has now started to use its editorial skills. When you look at in this context, Turkey is one of the main suppliers of the world’s best editorial companies and even creates its own editorial companies. It will be much more successful in the coming years with its advantage arising from its geographical location, fast service and fabric quality.

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