Elenor Textile Development Process From Past To Present

Can you tell us about the establishment of Elenor Textile and its development process until now?
Elenor started its activities with the production of leno sheer curtain fabric in Ovaakca, Bursa in 2008. 

Ömer Kınay – Co-Founder

Since the day it was established, it has always aimed to go further, offer higher quality and have a say in its sector, as required by its vision. In 2011, it expanded its machine park and moved to its location in the DOSAB industrial zone. Elenor Textile, which has been participating in both Heimtextile Germany and Evtex Turkey fairs for about 10 years, started to provide roll by roll fabric service to its customers in 2013 who provide wholesale and cutting services. Currently, it provides both roll and cutting services to its partners in more than 20 countries from Russia, Bulgaria and Turkey.

Which services does Elenor Textile provide to its customers?
The most important feature of our company is that it sends its stocked fabrics to the leading cutting wholesalers of its country by cutting or roll by roll. Our fabrics, which are checked and tested at high quality standards, are on their way very quickly, on the same day or the next day, according to our customer’s request. For this reason, we can ship even 1 mt of fabric which is ordered today, to Taiwan or America the next day.
We undertake half of the cost of hangers which is the biggest burden of our partners. Thus, besides eliminating the inventory costs, we also reduce the cost of the hangers by half. This situation makes the expansion of our customers’ collections easier. The products chosen by our partner are exclusive for that country.

Can you tell us about your cutting collection? What features does it have?
Elenor cutting collection is the product of a great experience formed by blending various compositions by following the latest trends and technical developments. Our high quality fabrics can find their place in all over the World, owing to the work of our talented designers and the selection of trendy colors. Our collection currently consists of approximately 2000 pieces as 140 different fabrics and sheer with different colors. Among this great diversity, our partner companies can create their own collections special for their own country from our collection as they wish. For example, our collection in Greece and our collection in Jordan can be very different from each other for this reason. We add about 30 new qualities to our collection every year in line with new trends and offer this to all our partners. For this reason, our business partners can always have the most trendy and fashionable fabrics.

How were you affected by the pandemic process and what did you do during this period?
This process brought us some opportunities as well as great challenges. Developing strategies to reduce the stock load of our partners during this difficult process made this process much easier for them. Not being able to meet face-to-face due to travel bans because of pandemic reasons was a big problem for us. So we did online presentations for our customers. With online video presentations, we provide our partners the possibility of choosing fabrics and colors they liked and sent them after our online meeting.

Can you give information about your goals, future projects and investments?
Our goal is to provide distributorship in more than 40 countries in the near future and to provide these companies with very fast service from our warehouses in different continents, to minimize the time we lose due to logistics distance. For this reason, we are planning to establish a new logistics center in a different region within the next year.

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