About Us

Who is Elenor?

Elenor started its activities with the production of leno sheer curtain fabric in Ovaakca, Bursa in 2008. Since the day it was established, it has always aimed to go further, offer higher quality and have a say in its sector, as required by its vision. In 2011, it expanded its machine park and moved to its location in the DOSAB industrial zone. Elenor Textile, which has been participating in both Heimtextile Germany and Evtex Turkey fairs  for about 10 years, started to provide roll by roll fabric service to its customers in 2013 who provide wholesale and cutting services. Currently, it provides both roll and cutting services to its partners in more than 20 countries from Turkey and Bulgaria.

We Have A

We present a various product range to our customers with Elenor curtain collection, which draws attention with its line that differentiates living spaces. With its different colors and special patterns, Elenor Curtain Collection brings Mediterranean breeze to the houses with an elegant touch. Curtains which have complemantary role in decoration, offer a special option for those looking for an innovation at homes with Elenor curtain quality and line while the curtains dominated by earth tones also renew the atmosphere of the place with their special patterns. Elenor Curtain which established in 2008, makes life easier for users with its rich product variety, product and service quality.

Elenor, which makes a difference in the sector with its understanding that built on specialization and differentiation by breaking traditional molds of home textile sector, prioritizes transforming textile into an art and holds customer satisfaction above all else.

As in all sectors, our sector has to cope with the economic and commercial challenges of the pandemic process in recent years.At this point, we have started a campaign this year to support and find solutions to our cutting customers’ problems, in order to reduce the cost of hangers and warehouse inventory costs, which are the heaviest expense items.

We offer an important solution to our customers’ problems by reducing the cost of hangers which is the biggest burden of our customers by half, with our “50% discount on the cost of hangers” campaign with 140 different patterns in our stock.

Elenor Fabrics collection, which creates a unique style with its patterns and texture.

Our Team

Elenor Textile whose headquarter is located in Turkey provides timely, fast and high quality service to its customers with its offices and warehouses in Bulgaria.

Özden Aydemir
Export Marketing Director
Nihal Toker
Export Sales Manager
Erbil Hasköylü
Domestic Market Sales Manager (Turkey)
Şeyda Toprak
Export Operation Specialist